Investigative Forensic Accounting, Litigation Support And Investigative Receiverships

Canadian insolvency legislation grants a Licensed Insolvency Trustee significant powers to augment forensic investigations and recover assets. Similarly, the Canadian Courts can grant Court orders appointing an Investigative Receiver to investigate assets and records and report back to the Court, without the authority to take possession of assets.

Albert Gelman Inc. (“AGI”) has been appointed by the Court as Investigative Receiver on numerous occasions and has significant experience discharging its duties in this regard. Orders appointing AGI as Investigative Receiver include the following:

Enhanced powers pursuant to insolvency legislation or Court order can include:

  • examinations of persons under oath,
  • production and delivery of property and records,
  • recovery of property obtained fraudulently or otherwise transferred or hidden,
  • the declaration that transactions deliberately contrived at “undervalue” be void.

We can also act in the capacity of Expert Witness or Officer of the Court for the execution of Anton Piller Orders and Mareva Injunctions.

For additional information please contact Joe Albert, Investigative Forensic Accountant (DIFA), CPA, CIRP, LIT.